As First Nations women, we adorn our bodies for many reasons. For some, the act of adorning harnesses the strength and power of our Ancestors. Our bodies are carriers of thousands of years of cultural knowledge, and when we adorn them we are expressing our pride in our identity, and the continuation and evolution of our culture. 

They Shield Us is an exhibition that draws on the Koorie Heritage Trust’s Collection along with new works by artists Yaraan Bundle, Djirri Djirri Dance Group, Isobel Morphy-Walsh, Marilyne Nicholls, Laura Thompson and Lisa Waup. In creating new works, each artist will spend time with the Koorie Heritage Trust Collection, gaining invaluable insight and inspiration. These objects have stories woven, stitched, painted and sewn into them. The exhibition will look at how the acts of creating, sharing and wearing cultural adornments shape our identities as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.

They Shield Us conveys the act of cloaking one’s self in culture and the many reasons why we adorn our bodies as contemporary First Nations women including channeling Ancestral strength and protection.


First Born, Melbourne Fashion Week 2018

I was apart of the media crew that captured the First Born fashion show

First Reborn is a celebration of the rebirth of our First Nations culture in a contemporary fashion runway show. ‘First’ representing Australia’s original custodians enriched culture, and ‘Reborn’ the signifier of our ancient culture merging with our present and future world. The event will showcase fashion from remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities utilising old traditional methods like bush dyeing. In the modern world we live in today, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists continue to tell their traditional stories of culture through art, to now including the new age of fabric printing and designs.
Designers: Design Within Country, Kirrikin Australia, Ngali, Ooroo Australia.
Models: Jira Models

First Born