My Australian Dream

Culture Is Life

The Australian Dream film for the #MyAustralianDream campaign. We will be sharing the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as they reflect on their Australian Dream. What’s your Australian Dream? #CultureIsLife #WalkingTogether2020

My Australian Dream

“Culture is healing. Music is healing. And having language through music keeps our culture alive.”
#MyAustralianDream is for our culture to be celebrated. For us to come together to create solutions that are going to help us all thrive”
Shantelle Thompson – Barkindji Warrior

“My mum didn’t have freedom, my grandmother didn’t have freedom, we want our children to have better.” @NovaPeris
#MyAustralianDream would be for my kids to stay connected to their culture, and then be able to do the same for their children @chris_johnson2.
“When I watched The Australian Dream, I had mixed feelings. First was anger. But also, bewilderment. I hope that Australians who were out there doing the booing really do reflect on their behaviour. And I’d also like to recognize those who were in the crowd, who actually tried to stop people from booing and tried to make people come to their senses. Unfortunately, there were too few.” Uncle Tom Calma
“Watching The Australian Dream was so shocked at what Adam went through, but I also had a sense of pride in the strength of our people.” Mi-kaisha

“I was lucky to grow up on Country and be surrounded by strong cultural leaders and a mother who’s passionate about who we are. From a young age I wanted to know – who am I, where do I fit, how do I belong, what is bigger and greater than me?” @mitchtambo
“Watching films like The Australian Dream, it lifts a lot of hurt. Not so much anger but hurt.” Uncle Charlie Mundine
“I believe Australia needs to hear our voice. Yeah, I’ve broken down being racially abused but I believe that Indigenous Australians are stronger than that. It just makes you feel worthless. It really gets you down. It makes you think, why? Why did they say that? I just look at Goodesy and think of how strong he is. Now whenever I feel racism, I continue smiling and tell them that I’m happy and I’m proud to be Black and I’m a proud Noongar man.” @stackman_44 
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