Songlines One

Capturing the colour and liyarn of country, these images share stories in a modern way of sharing Songlines. Using the light and hues of the land, sea and sky each capture using age old camera methods of long and multiple exposures.

Where the soul sleeps

Evoking the dark and colourful past of Roebuck Bay this work expresses the many lives taken over many generations to illuminate where the soul sleeps in the depths of the peaceful turquoise waters of the bay. From the Black Birding of pearling pearling days to lost luggers at seas from cyclones to modern days of tragic drownings around the bay.

Songlines Liyarn Triptych


Liyarn Birth

Liyarn Life

Liyarn Death

Prints: 30” x 45” Digital Print Pearl Paper

Series created in camera using long exposure and multiple exposed captures

Equipment: Canon 5Ds, Carl Zeiss Lens, Lee Filters and Adobe Lightroom